family picture tips & tricks

let’s talk something that we all dread and hate, but– insist on doing and end up loving.

family pictures.

It’s that time of year! We start thinking about family pictures so we can slap one on a holiday card come December. Now, I can not be the only one who has this love/hate relationship with family pictures.

Typical pictures include: very few of my husband. I love him, but the fact he even shows up for them is an accomplishment! As for my kids, they will be crying, running off, making silly faces or some combination of those three. Then there is me. I will most likely be making some sort of mid-talking face or just something ridiculous in general because I am trying to get everyone to cooperate and be happy!

But- in saying all of that, there are always some photos that make the event worth it- which is why I want to share with you my family picture tips!


December 2015

Me: Anthropologie sweater (similar ones here) | Target tee (similar ones here)  |  Jcrew jeans  |  Sorel boots.
Hadley: Hunter boots | Old navy puffer jacket (similar one here)
Beckam: Target hat | Old navy puffer jacket (similar one here)


First: Pick your theme or a vision you have for your pictures. Boho, field, industrial, cityscape, lifestyle. Or, do something fun- baking cookies, dress up, playing your favorite family sport. Hit up Pinterest! Create a vision board.

Second: Figure out outfits. PLEASE stop doing “matchy-matchy” outfits. Instead, LOOSELY coordinate. This goes back to your theme- run with it! Pick a few common shades and make sure that you distribute those evenly among the family. I always start with my outfit,{selfish I know}, but my kids look cute in anything and let’s face it, men aren’t going out buying new clothes for pictures. From there I usually pick one of my kids and put them in something that has a color or a shade of the color from my outfit. Then repeat with my husband and the other little one.

Third: If your kids are little like mine- quit trying to pose photos. It WILL NOT WORK and will just cause you to be angry, upset, and feisty through your photoshoot, which will end up making your face in pictures look worse than anyone else! Trust me on this. Set aside 5 minutes to try and get “that” photo- then move on. Once they are older you can have everyone smile at the camera, but until then, embrace the natural pictures. It will take so much anxiety off of you.

October 2015

Me: Free People dress.
Hadley: Dillards dress (similar one here) |  Minnetonka boots.
Beckam: Toms Boots. H&M pants | Carters Top (similar ones here)
Husband: Jcrew top (similar ones here)

October 2014

Me: Alice & Oliva Dress (similar ones here, here, here) | Badgley Mischka shoes
Hadley: Gap dress.
Beckam: Burberry onesie.

November 2013

Me: Jcrew sweater (similar one here) | Jcrew Jeans Hunter boots.
Hadley: Gap boots (similar ones here) |  Old Navy jeansOld navy fur vest. Gap ear muff headband.
Husband: Jcrew flannel (similar ones here)

November 2012

Me: Anthropologie sweater | Neiman Marcus Last call silk top | Steve madden wedge boots (similar one here)
Hadley: Gap sweater dress |  Anthropologie clip on a headband


Lastly: Breathe. Relax. Enjoy. At the end of the day you are just wanting some pictures of your family to remember the years as they grow. Whatever you get is a reflection of your family that year.

A few of my go-to stores for family photo outfits:

jcrew.   old navy.   gap.   anthropologie.  neiman marcus last call.   nordstrom.   free people.   h&m.



*photographer: Danielle with Creatively Chic Photography

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