Ash’s obsessions

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Yumi Kim maxi dress.    Floral chiffon maxi dress.  Sweet, sassy, breezy.

Vince loafers.  Comfy and sleek – I love these paired with jeans and a cozy card.

Slouch jeans.  Skinny jeans have been all the rage for a while now, but these high-waisted slouch jeans are my current fave.

Aj’s obsessions

Leather Sandal. Super cute sandals! Love that they are different from your typical sandal.

Embroidered Free People Dress. This dress does not look like much in the picture- Ill give ya that- but I tried it on a few weeks ago and it was so cute (yes, even super pregnant!) It comes in a bunch of different colors – they were all cute.

French Courtship Dress. It is back in stock! I bought this a few years ago for family pics and have worn it a ton since. It is so pretty on! It now comes in 7 different colors! I have the “tea” color.

In case you missed it…



Workout Pick-Me-Up

Need some motivation to get your workout groove back on?  Try some new athletic wear!



Budget Friendly Photo Project

Need an inexpensive way to decorate your walls?  This BFHU (budget-friendly-house-update) takes cell phone pics to the next level.

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3v3 Top Products

While many of our 3v3 picks got clicks, these are the 3 most popular!  What were your faves?!

Taggart booties  |  Cece leggings  |  MAC lip kit


And just like that we’re already halfway through August…




Ash’s obsessions

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Ankle bootie.  Little bit country, little bit girlie, lotta cute!  Love the color and style of these booties to transition from summer to fall.

Drapey jacket.  Another great transition piece.  I love that the sleeves can be rolled up, and there’s also a tie belt to wrap up in cooler temps.

Basic striped dress.  A simple dress for running errands around town.  Just add a blazer and you’re office ready.


Aj’s obsessions

Pencil Skirt Postcard Print. This is a fun pencil skirt! What I look for in a pencil skirt is that it hits BELOW the knee- it is so much more flattering than one that hits at the knee or right above it.

Ribbed Midi Dress. Now clearly I won’t be able to wear this anytime soon with my 34wk belly- but you should buy it and rock it! So cute, and for only $51. Wear it casual with flats or dress it up with heels.

Adidas Originals Midi Dress. Love this!! Adidas originals is amazing and a cute, comfy, casual dress is always a good idea.

BFHU – photo project

Our house has been undergoing a renovation for the past 6 months (ughhhh… be done already!).  While our home has come a long way from when we bought it 4 years ago (see original pics here!), it is still a ways from being finished and decorated.  I have once again started working on some budget friendly house updates, or BFHUs.  A recent project being inexpensive wall art.

First I found some photos on my iPhone from various urban hikes around San Francisco that I liked.  Then using my phone I cropped the images, turned them black and white, and ordered some prints at my local Walgreens.

I wanted simple frames with clean lines and white matting.  I ended up going with a couple of CB2 frames for the living room.  They come in various sizes and prices range from $25 to $70.  And I picked up some similar frames from Target for the dining room for $17 each.

 CB2 gallery frames

Target gallery frame

And voila!

Inexpensive and meaningful artwork all over the house 🙂

FullSizeRender (32)

(Bisou working on her Tinder profile pic…)



Workout pick-me-up

Alright- the honest truth- this week, I am now 34weeks pregnant and I’m lacking motivation. Motivation to shower, get myself dressed, and definitely to work out. The fatigue has set back in, I’m not sleeping well, and let’s face it- around 4:30 every day it’s like I’m suddenly hauling around an incredibly heavy cinder block. Gravity wins by that point every day and my muscles and ligaments just seem to give up.

tank similar here | shorts similar here | shoes

BUT, I’ve told myself, as of today, GET OVER IT! 6 more weeks and I’ve done so well up to this point maintaining a healthy-ish, fit-ish pregnancy so I can’t stop now! What have I said before about one of the ways to get your motivation back when you’ve lost it with working out/running?

New gear! 🙂

Here are some of my favorites right now that are sure to get you motivated if you’ve lost your UMPH like I have!

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 6.10.29 PM.png

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

5 | 6 | 7 | 8

9 | 10 | 11 | 12

13 | 14 | 15 | 16

happy shopping!



#nsale going going …

Only a few days left to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  I was at Nordstrom earlier today and though the sale is picked over at this point, there are still so many goodies!  Here are some pieces that caught my eye for fall…



leather moto jacket  | gold slip-on sneaker  |  lip kit  |  jumpsuit  |  leggings
sweatshirt dress  |  split-back turtleneck  |  nike shoes


What are your favorite pieces from the sale?!?

Happy shopping!