Family Photo Planning – fall 2020

It’s that time of year again – school starting, summer ending, and FAMILY PHOTO PLANNING! I just booked a Fall Mini Session with one of my fave photogs Danya of Danya Chen Photography, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Danya took these incredible pics for us last fall in Golden Gate Park, and I can’t wait to see her work some photo magic again this year. And because I’m craving a creative outlet lately, I wasted no time getting started with outfit planning.

Our pics are scheduled for mid-October when I’ll be 9 months pregs, i.e. HUGE. Pregnant me swells all over and bloats up big and puffy, so finding a dress with comfy stretch and modest coverage was my challenge.

After some trial and error I landed on an affordable ASOS option – fingers crossed it still fits in a couple months! And for the boys – coordinating casual fall outfits that are perfect for a wooded park setting.

Maternity Dress | gold sneakers (old), but LOVE this Veja ones! | toddler blue sweater | toddler joggers | Adidas toddler sneakers | kids’ henley sweater | kids’ textured pant | kids’ Gazelle sneaker | quarter zip cashmere sweater | men’s slim fit T | men’s slim straight jeans | men’s runners

Can’t wait for picture day! It’s so fun to have an event to look forward to these days 🙂


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