hats hats hats

Baby, it’s cold outside.

And we’re obsessed with these beanies! Soft feminine colors in oh so soft knits.  What’s not to love?!

beanie 1

dusty pink beanie  |  ivory beanie

These adorable beanies are 40% rabbit fur and feel so amazingly soft!

And then there’s our fox pom beanie – with real fox fur!  Oh soooo luxe.  LOVE.

beanie pom 2

beanie 2

And of course these adorable hello beautiful sweaters go perfectly with everything 😉  Available in black and white.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 10.11.43 AM



Ash’s obsessions

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 9.14.07 PM

OTK boots.  I am loving these as an alternative to tights this season.  And at just $70??? Yasss!

sweater dress.  OMG this dress has everything I love!  That color, those ruffles, and sooo comfy!  And for less than $60?!!

leather booties.  You are not going to believe it — but these are from Target!?!! Target has really been knocking it out of the park lately, and these REAL LEATHER booties are just one example of the goodies I’ve been stumbling upon there.


Aj’s obsessions

I’m on a holiday dress kick this week! Need to find some for some upcoming parties!

Wayf Maxi Dress. This is the same dress as the velvet dress I wore last year for the holidays- but in a pink silky satin!! Holiday chic for sure.

Foxidox Midi Dress. Wow. What a stunning dress! It is pricey- but to be honest, it looks even more expensive than it is!

Dress the Population Dress. Ok. Stop right there and just admire the beauty that is this dress! All the heart eyes for this one…




new stuffs!!


Lots of new items were added to the shop last month starting with the new stuffs!! And then also more good stuffs!! and of course the you need this.


back at square one


Aj found out that despite qualifying for Boston this year, she didn’t make the cut to actually run the race.  Boo.  Undeterred she put on her galaxy leggings, laced up her sneaks, and hit the trail.

tree farm!!

Ash and Pavi headed back to Rancho Siempre Verde tree farm again this year, and little baby Denton took it all in for the first time.  Love his big smiles 🙂


nursery essentials


Filled with pics of Aj and her newest baby Rem, this post is a ‘how to’ for setting up an adorable nursery.


top products

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 10.13.30 AM

glitter heels

jacket 1

the ‘allison’ faux fur jacket

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 10.17.19 AM

green kick flair midi dress







holiday cards!


This is the first year we’re sending out holiday cards, and lots of the credit goes to Minted and their amazing Photo-Op deal.

Minted launched a deal in SF, LA, and NY, where for $100 they send a photog to your house (or wherever you want) for a 30 minute mini-photoshoot. You get digital copies of all of the photos, and Minted will suggest some holiday card designs to pair with a few pics . If you have ever paid for a photoshoot, you know this is an AMAZING deal and such a HUGE time saver!


Pavel: shirt  | Denton: sweater + pants  | Ash: sweater

For our card I ended up tweaking the Minted suggestions a bit, but overall I’m happy with the service.  I mean — $100 and the photographer comes to us?!?!  THANK YOU!


To style the shoot I of course called up my sis for outfit help.  Aj’s had loads of practice with family photos.  She even wrote a great post on tips and tricks for family pictures.



I chose neutral outfits (i.e. they don’t scream HAPPY HOLIDAYS!) so that I could maybe frame some to hang around the house year round. Denton’s hair was the only surprise.  It was completely out of control, but we felt it added character 😉





tree farm!!

The Friday after Thanksgiving we set out for Rancho Siempre Verde to find the perfect Christmas tree.

We loved the RSV tree farm so much last time, we couldn’t wait to go this year!  The first day they opened, we were there.


At RSV you can saw down your own tree, or choose one that’s already been cut and trimmed.

Thank goodness I had multiple outfits on hand (#beprepared) because it was HOT.  I ended up in the JL premium V tee — favorite t-shirt ever.

Of course I was all ready for cooler temps with this year’s reindeer sweater (so freakin’ cute! LOVE!!), but seriously it was so crazy warm out!

We opted for a pre-cut tree this year… and IMO, still just as fun 😉

And the wreath-making!! I almost forgot!  I made a wreath while Pavi and Denton roasted sausages and marshmallows on the bonfire.


[Next time I’ll pick a backdrop that’s not a pile of dead bonfire brush. oops.]


I highly recommend Rancho Siempre Verde tree farm if you’re in the Bay Area.  The people are wonderful, there are fun tree swings, a bonfire for marshmallow and sausage roasting (bring a cooler and have a picnic!), beautiful trees, and the drive up the PCH is pure eye candy.

For a full day trip itinerary see last year’s post here for inspiration!


I’m already looking forward to taking Denton again next year 🙂