Summer in Prague… with kids

We took all 3 kids to Czech for a couple weeks this summer. The trip overall was definitely fun. Traveling with kids though is hard and not at all relaxing. Things I learned:

Make a plan. Have places and things that you want to see and do, map it out, and stick to the plan. Trying to be spontaneous with little kids is not a good look. Trying to be spontaneous with little kids is not a good look. For suggested itineraries, I highly recommend downloading the Taste of Prague Foodie Map (~$10 USD). The Foodie Map is full of tips and suggested neighborhood walks. One of our trip highlights was following the “Lesser Town to Castle and Back” neighborhood walk.

Prioritize. I went so far as to asterisk some spots as a “must” to make sure we got to them, and anything else we got to on the list was bonus. For planning and prioritizing I create a shared note via Notes on my iPhone and tag in the hubs and other party planners. Still there were some things from my Czech trip list that I’m bummed I didn’t get to…

Location, location, location. Even though we have family in Czech and a free place to stay, for part of the trip I chose to rent an apartment in a neighborhood that I wanted to explore. Being in a rental apartment where there are no sentimental valuables to lose or family china to break made that part of the trip much less stressful! Not to mention the cute park and cafes just steps from our door. I booked with Downtown Suites Prague and would recommend.

Take pictures, in moderation. Traveling with kids will at (many) times be hectic and stressful. At night, after the kids are in bed, I like to look back at the pics from the day and re-live the perfect moments. I also feel it’s important to put your phone/camera away and be present, so I try to capture the moment and not get too hung up on getting the perfect photo.

Pro tip: If using an iPhone, take pics in “live” mode and they’ll easily combine into reels! I recently learned to make “reels” and I managed to condense our nearly two week trip into four 90 second reels that I will never tire of watching.

Happy summer travels!



Family Photo Planning – fall 2020

It’s that time of year again – school starting, summer ending, and FAMILY PHOTO PLANNING! I just booked a Fall Mini Session with one of my fave photogs Danya of Danya Chen Photography, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Danya took these incredible pics for us last fall in Golden Gate Park, and I can’t wait to see her work some photo magic again this year. And because I’m craving a creative outlet lately, I wasted no time getting started with outfit planning.

Our pics are scheduled for mid-October when I’ll be 9 months pregs, i.e. HUGE. Pregnant me swells all over and bloats up big and puffy, so finding a dress with comfy stretch and modest coverage was my challenge.

After some trial and error I landed on an affordable ASOS option – fingers crossed it still fits in a couple months! And for the boys – coordinating casual fall outfits that are perfect for a wooded park setting.

Maternity Dress | gold sneakers (old), but LOVE this Veja ones! | toddler blue sweater | toddler joggers | Adidas toddler sneakers | kids’ henley sweater | kids’ textured pant | kids’ Gazelle sneaker | quarter zip cashmere sweater | men’s slim fit T | men’s slim straight jeans | men’s runners

Can’t wait for picture day! It’s so fun to have an event to look forward to these days 🙂


day of love

It’s almost valentine’s day! So, here’s an easy post you can send to your spouse/boyfriend/whomever and just say “pick something!” in the subject line 🙂

  1. Chocolates. Candy. Do I need to say more?
  2. Jewelry. A gorgeous bracelet, funky bracelet, charm necklace, or fancy or funky ring!
  3. Home goods! A cozy blanket or two or a sweet smelling candle!
  4. Cozy or sexy things. Whether its a set of silky cozy pjs or some sexy lingerie like this, or this– all are winners!
  5. Then- lets not forget FLOWERS and a sweet, handwritten card. This is honestly my favorite.



tree farm 2018!


reindeer sweater  | hat  |  boots  | sweater onesie

Another year, another trip to Rancho Siempre Verde tree farm!  This was our third visit to RSV, and it never disappoints.  See past posts here(2017) and here(2016).  The weather wasn’t great, and the toddler and newborn presented new challenges; but we found our perfect tree and made some new memories.

That said, I learned some things and now have some tips for tree ranching with kids:


It was raining off and on, and mud was everywhere.  By the end of the visit our toddler wasn’t the only one looking a mess.  Take group pics when you arrive while you’re still looking somewhat fresh!



I really thought I was on the ball packing a change of shoes for Denton (19 mos) and myself.  What I failed to realize is that toddlers don’t stay on their feet.  By the time we left the farm, Denton was so soaked with mud that he rode home wearing nothing but a clean diaper and a blanket.


The hat was a happy accident for me.  It’s hard keeping your balance sliding around in mud while holding a newborn and chasing a toddler!  Add in the intermittent sun and misty rain and it’s a real challenge.  Having a hat to keep the sun, rain, and hair out of my face was YASSS!


We had planned to stop for a late lunch at one of our fave restaurants on our way back to the city.  However, by the time we left the farm, we were tired from toddler chasing and Denton had no clothes.  Next year we’ll pack a picnic so that we can sit and eat while the kids roll around in the mud.



I brought spare shoes, but no bags to put the muddy ones in– let alone Denton’s soaked clothes.  Oops.



Ever since Denton started trying to feed himself, I have had an OxiClean Gel Stick on the washer at the ready.  As soon as we got home from the farm, I used the oxiclean on his little jeans and they’re good as new.  It also works wonders on tomato sauce and chocolate.


Next year we’ll be more prepared!  And please let me know if you’ve got any pro-tips I’ve missed!





Black Friday/Cyber Monday SALES!!

holiday sweater  |  lace midi  |  embellished heels

Thanksgiving week has officially started!  And in addition to turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and wine– there is an abundance of sales!!  Here are just a few of the sales being announced that are catching our eye…

– Black Friday build up! Up to 60% off big brands. Valid 11/16-11/19.
– New Lines Added! Up to 60% off big brands. Valid 11/19-11/21.

– All jeans 50% off. Valid 11/15-1/2.

– Thanksgiving Sale II: Tiered Buy More Save More. Valid 11/23.
– Take 25% off site wide + 10% off cosmetics during the Cyber Sale. Valid 11/25-11/27.
– Buy more, save more event. Take $25 off $150+, $75 off $350+ or $150 off $500+. Valid 11/28-11/29.

– 20% off site wide with code ALLWEEK. Valid 11/21-11/25.
– 15% off $300+, 20% off $500+, 25% off $700+ with code DOUBLETAP. Valid 11/25-11/26.

– Take up to 75% off sale items. Valid 11/19-11/20.
– Take 30% off everything. Valid 11/26-11/27.

– Take an extra 20% off site wide with code TAKE20. Valid 11/24-11/28.
– Take $10 off $50 site wide with code JACKPOT. Valid 11/26.

– 20% Black Friday preview with code SCORE. Valid 11/15-11/20.
– 20% Off Black Friday Sale with code BLKFRI. Valid 11/21-11/24.
– 20% Off Cyber Monday with code CYBER. Valid 11/25-11/26.

Stuart Weitzman 
– 40-50% off select styles. Valid beginning 11/22. End date TBA.

Urban Outfitters 
– BOGO site wide. Valid 11/21-11/23.
– Sale on sale. Valid 11/24.
– Cyber Monday receive tiered offers. In final hours take 25% off site wide. Valid 11/26.

– Take an extra 20% off site wide via YOOX app only. Valid 11/26.

moto jacket  |  fair isle sweater  |  nudist sandal

sash jumpsuit maxi dress  |  faux fur jacket

Happy shopping!!