tree farm!!

The Friday after Thanksgiving we set out for Rancho Siempre Verde to find the perfect Christmas tree.

We loved the RSV tree farm so much last time, we couldn’t wait to go this year!  The first day they opened, we were there.


At RSV you can saw down your own tree, or choose one that’s already been cut and trimmed.

Thank goodness I had multiple outfits on hand (#beprepared) because it was HOT.  I ended up in the JL premium V tee — favorite t-shirt ever.

Of course I was all ready for cooler temps with this year’s reindeer sweater (so freakin’ cute! LOVE!!), but seriously it was so crazy warm out!

We opted for a pre-cut tree this year… and IMO, still just as fun 😉

And the wreath-making!! I almost forgot!  I made a wreath while Pavi and Denton roasted sausages and marshmallows on the bonfire.


[Next time I’ll pick a backdrop that’s not a pile of dead bonfire brush. oops.]


I highly recommend Rancho Siempre Verde tree farm if you’re in the Bay Area.  The people are wonderful, there are fun tree swings, a bonfire for marshmallow and sausage roasting (bring a cooler and have a picnic!), beautiful trees, and the drive up the PCH is pure eye candy.

For a full day trip itinerary see last year’s post here for inspiration!


I’m already looking forward to taking Denton again next year 🙂










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  1. […] Verde tree farm!  This was our third visit to RSV, and it never disappoints.  See past posts here(2017) and here(2016).  The weather wasn’t great, and the toddler and newborn presented new […]


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