JL gift guide: for the kids, lover, & YOU!

Tis the season!


I’ve put together some of this year’s hottest gifts for your kids, lover, and you in one easy place! Just forward this to whom ever you want and say ‘pick something!’ Easy 🙂

1. xbox one: This is on my kiddos’ list this year. We’ve held off on getting one until they were a little older and now that we are in Utah and cooped up inside a little more- I think that this plus something like ‘Just Dance’ will be under the tree!

2. Bluetooth Wireless Speaker: I bought one of these for my husband last year and we fight over who gets to use it all the time! I take it down in the basement gym to work out, he takes it to church when he has to teach Sunday school lessons and wants to share something for people to listen to- etc!

3. PJ’s for the fam: This is just a given. You need matching pjs 🙂

4. Kano Computer kit: My husband is super in to the kids learning coding and all things technology. I don’t know who would love this more- him or the kids.

5. Fitness ball: There are so many uses for this and who doesn’t love a good workout from home! I will be posting my favorite exercises with it soon- so get one now so you can join along!

6. Max + Moose blanket: I know the owner of this company and she is as sweet as they come. She created this company/blanket and took time to perfect it and boy does it show. I LOVE it. Rem uses it daily.

7. Apple Watch: Thank you Apple for finally making the watch where you don’t have to have your phone with you to use the GPS function! My husband and I just got them and we are obsessed!

8. Orbit card: I can not tell you how many times I get blamed for losing my husband’s wallet *eyeroll*. So, consider this already in his stocking!

9. Jewelry: Enough said. Some of my favorites include: Made by Mary. Helen Ficolora. and of course our amazing Juniper Lemons necklaces.

10. Running Headphones: Whether they prefer wireless like these or just traditional ones that will always stay in your ears- headphones are always a win… especially how often most people lose them.

11. Rover 2.0 Spy Tank: My kids would have so much fun with this! A spy tank?! Seriously!?

12. Lingerie: Enough said 😉

13. Clothes: Have you seen the amazing sweaters, dresses, etc that we have right now!? Add it to your cart and have your love press BUY! You’ll know its great quality, fit, and price!


happy shopping!



tree farm!!

The Friday after Thanksgiving we set out for Rancho Siempre Verde to find the perfect Christmas tree.

We loved the RSV tree farm so much last time, we couldn’t wait to go this year!  The first day they opened, we were there.


At RSV you can saw down your own tree, or choose one that’s already been cut and trimmed.

Thank goodness I had multiple outfits on hand (#beprepared) because it was HOT.  I ended up in the JL premium V tee — favorite t-shirt ever.

Of course I was all ready for cooler temps with this year’s reindeer sweater (so freakin’ cute! LOVE!!), but seriously it was so crazy warm out!

We opted for a pre-cut tree this year… and IMO, still just as fun 😉

And the wreath-making!! I almost forgot!  I made a wreath while Pavi and Denton roasted sausages and marshmallows on the bonfire.


[Next time I’ll pick a backdrop that’s not a pile of dead bonfire brush. oops.]


I highly recommend Rancho Siempre Verde tree farm if you’re in the Bay Area.  The people are wonderful, there are fun tree swings, a bonfire for marshmallow and sausage roasting (bring a cooler and have a picnic!), beautiful trees, and the drive up the PCH is pure eye candy.

For a full day trip itinerary see last year’s post here for inspiration!


I’m already looking forward to taking Denton again next year 🙂











Ash’s obsessions

3v3 11.29

I just recently discovered the “home” line at H&M and I am OBSESSED!!

holiday pillow.  I bought this cute little throw pillow cover for the holidays.  I mean, it’s only $5.99!!

mugs.  These mugs are too cute.  I love the sass.

porcelain plates.  These plates are a little bit of woodland elegance, and a little bit alice and wonderland.  They’re perfect to dress up a table!  And only $2.99?!?!

Aj’s obsessions

Pom Pom Beanie. Love this pom pom beanie- unique and the colors are so pretty.

Rose Gold Pumps.  What a fun pump for the holidays! Love rose gold. Wear these with pants, jeans, skirts, dresses- anything!

Steve Madden Slides.  You’ve probably seen these everywhere by now- they are a dupe of a super expensive pair! I think I might need to snag them….

back at square one

Well you guys- we are at day 1 of my new training program- and when I say ‘Day 1’, I not only mean the first day of the program, but also starting from basics when it comes to fitness and running.


leggings | top | shoes | socks

Running through most of my pregnancy (read about it here and here), definitely has helped me keep some sort of fitness level- I can tell a difference on the way my body has reacted after this pregnancy as well as from my short jogs/weights already- but I don’t care who you are and what you did during pregnancy- your body has gone through some major shizz the last several months and is just not the same- not only that, but I have csections so I’ve had to recover from major surgery which has left my core a MESS. BUT- all of that aside- I now have some work to do and as you know from this post- I’m excited to get back at it as I have some pretty big goals to tackle this coming up year. I won’t lie though- it is frustrating when you go out for what should be a super ‘easy’ run in your head (2-4 miles) only to find you can barely make it and WAY slower than your 26.2 mile pace once was!

Back to the present though- I have been jogging about 4x per week 2-4 miles for the last several weeks and think I am ready to attempt a little more scheduled training.

this is what I am thinking:

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 12.14.51 PM

I didn’t include any paces for the workouts- because I am going to go off effort for this training cycle vs a designated pace- because I really don’t know where my paces should fall right now. I will know better after this cycle for the next phase though!

I don’t have any races lined up officially as of right now- I want to see how this training goes first- then re-evaluate and go from there. I do have some dates in mind though…keep you posted!


happy running!



more good stuffs!!

SQUEEEE!!!  More amazingness is live on the shop NOW!

hello white 3

This ‘hello beautiful’ sweater may be my favorite of the new releases… so spread the love in this comfy knit already!  Oh!! And it’s also available in black!

reindeer 2

And ’tis the season ya’ll!  We are so in love with our holiday reindeer sweater this year.  We’ve already started wearing ours 😉

halsey 1

The ‘halsey knit kimono’ made its debut at our pop-up shop and got rave reviews!  We are thrilled it’s finally live on the site!

And you know what makes these pieces even better?  They’re all less than $50!!

Which new arrivals are your faves??!