family pics ootd

When we went back to Texas over Thanksgiving, I had my wonderful sis-in-law snap some pics of our little family and my kiddos. It was short, quick, and all that my kids (and husband) could handle.



beckam: pants | shoes | shirt         brock: pants | shoes | shirt

rem: dress | bow              me: dress | shoes         hadley: dress | boots

Come to find out- Beck’s moodiness was due to a double ear infection- but hey, he was awesome for the first 10minutes and that’s all my sis-in-law needed to snap some good ones!


My sweet Hadley was killing me with her toothless smile! I love it and hate it all at the same time- love it because she is so stinking cute, and hate it because it means she is growing up! She lost both of them within 3 days!


And Rem – well, she was just too cold (and young) to be cooperative, so we didn’t try. I did however snap the one of her by herself about a week later, inside in the nice warm house- for the Christmas card 🙂


Moral of the family picture story- same holds true every year. You stress about it. You want it to go perfectly- but it won’t. It never does (when your kids are little like this) So, just accept the chaos and realize there will always be at least one that works or that turns out that you didn’t think would- and you’ll look back and be so glad you took them!



See previous years’ family pics here & read about my tips & tricks for making it successful!

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