Valentines (for her)

Here it is! The much anticipated Valentines sequel. Just a few suggestions on how to make this Valentines – or any day really – extra special for the woman you love. Awww…

valentines for her pic.jpg

  • Lush products.  The aromas and silky textures of Lush massage bars and bubble bars are intoxicating.  And I feel that if you give a massage it’s totally reasonable to get one in return. #winning    Lush Massage Bars $8-$14 and Bubble Bars $8-$12.
  • Lingerie/Loungerie.  Yes, it’s somewhat cliché, but she wants to look charming/sexy/irresistible to you.  So help her out and get her something you’d like to see her in on the regular.  Just make sure you don’t buy it too small… awkward.  Shown above is the BHLDN Translucid Lace Romber $80.  Plum Pretty Sugar also has some beautiful robes, cami dresses, and other adorable lounge pieces.
  • Say it with Bangles.  Kate Spade has a line of idiom bangles and statement jewelry with just the perfect about of classy cheese.  Some favorites are the Kiss a Prince, I Adore You cuff $68, the Heart of Gold idiom bangle for $32, and the Tell All Happy Together emoji bracelet on sale for $40.
  • Cozy Throw.  Nothing says lasting love like a snuggle under a soft throw while watching a rom-com.  So wrap up a cute and cozy throw with a red bow and a romantic comedy DVD (or download, duh), and watch her light up.  Anthropologie has several throws ($68-$148) to choose from including the Aldalora throw for $128 pictured above.  And check out Vulture’s 25 Best Romantic Comedies for some solid movie suggestions.
  • Godiva Truffles.  Godiva truffles are heavenly little pieces of magical goodness, and the Valentine truffle flight $16 is perfect for sharing with a bottle of wine or bubbly.
  • Win her heart via her Pet. Don’t underestimate the power of pet gifts.  Watch her swoon as you present her beloved little furball with a special valentine treat.  Definitely one of the best and most cost-effective ways to make a BIG impression.     Martha Stewart Pets Valentine’s Bear Dog Toy $4.79 
  • Starlight Picnic.  What’s more romantic than a picnic? One under the stars where you can show off your limitless knowledge of the universe courtesy of SkyView stargazing app.  Offering both free and $1.99 versions, SkyView boasts that it brings stargazing to everyone.  Simply point your iPhone or iPad at the sky to identify stars, constellations, satellites, and more.  Make sure to bring along a warm blanket for snuggling, and up the ante with hot chocolate or other tasty treat.
  • Diamond studs.  Want to go big but not sure what to get?  Diamond studs.  Simple, classic, wear-with-everything all day every day diamond studs.  Diamond studs come in a wide range of costs based on a number of factors.  Educate yourself with online information before shopping.  Jewelry websites like Blue Nile are a good starting point.

Hope that helps!  Looking for gifts for him?  Check out the Valentines (for him) post.  Would love to hear what you think!


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