Valentines (for him)

Valentine’s day is less than a month away.  I try not to get sucked into all of the commercial buzz, but to ignore the holiday completely is lame.  Even if you’re flying solo this year, go on and treat yourself — e.g. a new pair of shoes or a relaxing day of pampering…   Why not!?!  And if you find yourself fretting over what to get your guy this year, read on for some ideas.  [Stay tuned for the next post for girlie gift ideas!]

valentine for him.JPG

  • Superhero Underoos.  Think of it as lingerie for him.  It may sound silly, but that’s kind of the point.  Lighten up, have a giggle, and get him to model them for you.  My faves are the Batman and Superman; and while I like the Flash, being the fastest man on earth is not a brag for the bedroom, if you know what I mean…  Buy them at for $24.99.
  • Scotch.  A particularly good gift for the yuppy guys.  Prices vary greatly, but good ones can be found starting around $40.  Here’s a good little article on scotches for less than $100 to help get you started.
  • Lush products.  Lush carries a moisturizer called Cosmetic Lad that is ah-mazing.  It smells faintly like an orange creamsicle.  My guy uses it and I’ve been known to borrow it on the regular.  And while you’re at Lush, pick up a massage bar or two for a super sexy holiday rubdown.  Cosmetic Lad is $24.95, and the Massage Bars range from $8-$14.
  • Cologne samples.  Cologne is kind of cliché and can be a bit expensive.  And some guys are super particular about their signature scent.  So what I suggest is picking up travel size bottles or sample size bottles of a few that you like and wrap them up in a little box with a cute red bow.  As he tries them on throughout the weeks to come, be sure to tell him which ones you like.  And then for the next birthday, anniversary, or holiday you can treat him to a full size bottle of the one you like best.  Sephora sells some travel size colognes, and you can usually get free samples of colognes from department stores.
  • The candy bar sneak.  Buy a couple of his favorite candy bars and during the week before Valentine’s day slip them in his bag or briefcase with a sweet short note.  The small but unexpected token of affection oozes with understated cheesy cuteness.
  • Fire pit.  Because apparently nothing says manly more than lighting a fire in a pit.  Oh, and it is super cute to cuddle under blankets next to the fire while sipping a Zin or roasting marshmallows for smores.  Fire pits come in a range of costs and sizes.  Home Depot seems to have a good selection of fire pits starting at $49.
  • Case of beer.  If he’s got a favorite beer, then a case of it is sure to make him happy.  And it’s a gift that is certain not to go to waste.  Just tie a red bow around it or one of those helium balloon hearts to match the holiday.
  • Make him dinner.  No need for a fancy reservation.  Pour some wine, light some candles, play some music, and whip up something… And if cooking is too stressful for you, order in!  Order delivery or take-out from one of you guys’ favorite restaurants and enjoy it in the comfort of your living room.  Très romantic!  But even if you order in, make sure to have a good bottle of wine (or two) to enjoy.
  • Fire extinguisher.  Because it’s about to get HOT!  In all seriousness, a fire extinguisher is a great gift!  If he doesn’t have one yet, he should; and if he does, an extra never hurts (especially if you got him that fire pit).  Plus it’s red, which goes with the holiday color scheme; and there are so many cute things that could be said and photo ops to be had!  “It’s getting hot in here…” “You’re so hot…” “I’m going to make you dinner tonight, bring this just in case…” “Looking forward to your cooking! #safetyfirst”.  The pictured fire extinguisher is available at Home Depot for $18.98.

Hope that helps!


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