2018 resolutions

I am going to touch more on finding joy and happiness in posts to come because I think it is something we could all use a little more of! I have a podcast that I listen to about once a month (yes, the same one) because I find it so amazing… stay tuned!


Until then- what are your resolutions? Share them with us!




Merry Christmas Eve!

We are home in Texas for the holidays and could not be more excited.

(I will link all outfit details after Christmas!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas tomorrow!

We also want to say thank you. Thank you for supporting our little shop this year and helping us grow. We love ya! Don’t forget you can always DM or email us any questions, comments, suggestions, etc! We love to hear from you.




family pics ootd

When we went back to Texas over Thanksgiving, I had my wonderful sis-in-law snap some pics of our little family and my kiddos. It was short, quick, and all that my kids (and husband) could handle.



beckam: pants | shoes | shirt         brock: pants | shoes | shirt

rem: dress | bow              me: dress | shoes         hadley: dress | boots

Come to find out- Beck’s moodiness was due to a double ear infection- but hey, he was awesome for the first 10minutes and that’s all my sis-in-law needed to snap some good ones!


My sweet Hadley was killing me with her toothless smile! I love it and hate it all at the same time- love it because she is so stinking cute, and hate it because it means she is growing up! She lost both of them within 3 days!


And Rem – well, she was just too cold (and young) to be cooperative, so we didn’t try. I did however snap the one of her by herself about a week later, inside in the nice warm house- for the Christmas card 🙂


Moral of the family picture story- same holds true every year. You stress about it. You want it to go perfectly- but it won’t. It never does (when your kids are little like this) So, just accept the chaos and realize there will always be at least one that works or that turns out that you didn’t think would- and you’ll look back and be so glad you took them!



See previous years’ family pics here & read about my tips & tricks for making it successful!

giveaway ootd

I’ve had several people ask me for all the details of our outfits in the recent sis-in-laws giveaway Instagram post- so I thought I’d link everything here!


Let me introduce you to everyone- from left to right:

me: obviously 🙂

sweatshirt COMING SOON to JL | jeans | shoes

Margot: Margot is @houseofoleary and also the owner of shabby apple! She’s an amazing sis-in-law to me and an incredible business lady! You won’t find a nicer gal, seriously. She has some exciting things coming up with @shabbyapple so you should follow along there and her personal fashion/lifestyle insta @houseofoleary.

dress | similar leggings

Kristin: Super lucky to be related to this chick as well! She is the amazing mama of 6 who posts all of her yummy food on her insta @kristinandrus. She has amazing recipes- one of which is her granola I slightly adapted here as you read a year ago! I get tired just watching all the amazing stuff she does on her insta (food, workouts *hello hot bod after 6 kids!*, & chasing 6 kiddos!) – she’s definitely a lady to follow! Also, check out her website for lots of the recipes in one place.

jacket | similar tee | similar jeans

Make sure you’ve entered the giveaway! $300 in prizes. See our instagram for more details and how to enter. Giveaway ends Monday!




Stash & Grab gifts.

If you don’t know what a ‘stash & grab gift’ is then I am about to rock your world! My mom taught my sister and I from an early age about doing this. You are busy right now- you are running around all over the place trying to get the perfect presents for everyone, bake the best cookies, and attend all the various programs and events that your kids and work have put on your calendar. So when the doorbell rings and it’s your neighbor Susie who has brought you a thoughtful gift you turn bright red and feel awful you forgot to grab her something—not any more!

Also have a bunch of ‘stash & grab’ gifts – wrapped, labeled with whats in them, and put in the closet or under the tree for those unexpected gift givers who pop up! You just go grab one, pull off the label and hand it over like you are the most on top of it woman on the block!

So…here are some of my picks for this years stash & grab gifts under $50, for adults:

Stance Socks | Best Smelling Candles | House Shoes | Beanies | Mugs with Hot Cocoa | Throw Blanket | Year Planners | Portable Keychain Phone Charger | Necklaces

JL gift guide: for the kids, lover, & YOU!

Tis the season!


I’ve put together some of this year’s hottest gifts for your kids, lover, and you in one easy place! Just forward this to whom ever you want and say ‘pick something!’ Easy 🙂

1. xbox one: This is on my kiddos’ list this year. We’ve held off on getting one until they were a little older and now that we are in Utah and cooped up inside a little more- I think that this plus something like ‘Just Dance’ will be under the tree!

2. Bluetooth Wireless Speaker: I bought one of these for my husband last year and we fight over who gets to use it all the time! I take it down in the basement gym to work out, he takes it to church when he has to teach Sunday school lessons and wants to share something for people to listen to- etc!

3. PJ’s for the fam: This is just a given. You need matching pjs 🙂

4. Kano Computer kit: My husband is super in to the kids learning coding and all things technology. I don’t know who would love this more- him or the kids.

5. Fitness ball: There are so many uses for this and who doesn’t love a good workout from home! I will be posting my favorite exercises with it soon- so get one now so you can join along!

6. Max + Moose blanket: I know the owner of this company and she is as sweet as they come. She created this company/blanket and took time to perfect it and boy does it show. I LOVE it. Rem uses it daily.

7. Apple Watch: Thank you Apple for finally making the watch where you don’t have to have your phone with you to use the GPS function! My husband and I just got them and we are obsessed!

8. Orbit card: I can not tell you how many times I get blamed for losing my husband’s wallet *eyeroll*. So, consider this already in his stocking!

9. Jewelry: Enough said. Some of my favorites include: Made by Mary. Helen Ficolora. and of course our amazing Juniper Lemons necklaces.

10. Running Headphones: Whether they prefer wireless like these or just traditional ones that will always stay in your ears- headphones are always a win… especially how often most people lose them.

11. Rover 2.0 Spy Tank: My kids would have so much fun with this! A spy tank?! Seriously!?

12. Lingerie: Enough said 😉

13. Clothes: Have you seen the amazing sweaters, dresses, etc that we have right now!? Add it to your cart and have your love press BUY! You’ll know its great quality, fit, and price!


happy shopping!