Stash & Grab gifts.

If you don’t know what a ‘stash & grab gift’ is then I am about to rock your world! My mom taught my sister and I from an early age about doing this. You are busy right now- you are running around all over the place trying to get the perfect presents for everyone, bake the best cookies, and attend all the various programs and events that your kids and work have put on your calendar. So when the doorbell rings and it’s your neighbor Susie who has brought you a thoughtful gift you turn bright red and feel awful you forgot to grab her something—not any more!

Also have a bunch of ‘stash & grab’ gifts – wrapped, labeled with whats in them, and put in the closet or under the tree for those unexpected gift givers who pop up! You just go grab one, pull off the label and hand it over like you are the most on top of it woman on the block!

So…here are some of my picks for this years stash & grab gifts under $50, for adults:

Stance Socks | Best Smelling Candles | House Shoes | Beanies | Mugs with Hot Cocoa | Throw Blanket | Year Planners | Portable Keychain Phone Charger | Necklaces

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