holiday cards!


This is the first year we’re sending out holiday cards, and lots of the credit goes to Minted and their amazing Photo-Op deal.

Minted launched a deal in SF, LA, and NY, where for $100 they send a photog to your house (or wherever you want) for a 30 minute mini-photoshoot. You get digital copies of all of the photos, and Minted will suggest some holiday card designs to pair with a few pics . If you have ever paid for a photoshoot, you know this is an AMAZING deal and such a HUGE time saver!


Pavel: shirt  | Denton: sweater + pants  | Ash: sweater

For our card I ended up tweaking the Minted suggestions a bit, but overall I’m happy with the service.  I mean — $100 and the photographer comes to us?!?!  THANK YOU!


To style the shoot I of course called up my sis for outfit help.  Aj’s had loads of practice with family photos.  She even wrote a great post on tips and tricks for family pictures.



I chose neutral outfits (i.e. they don’t scream HAPPY HOLIDAYS!) so that I could maybe frame some to hang around the house year round. Denton’s hair was the only surprise.  It was completely out of control, but we felt it added character 😉





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