2018 resolutions

I am going to touch more on finding joy and happiness in posts to come because I think it is something we could all use a little more of! I have a podcast that I listen to about once a month (yes, the same one) because I find it so amazing… stay tuned!


Until then- what are your resolutions? Share them with us!




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2 thoughts on “2018 resolutions

  1. I love your candor on #1, AJ. I think there are many people out there that struggle with being self-aware, and it’s crucial that in order for us to build and maintain those amazing relationships in our lives, that we are aware of when to hold back…or when to really let out the love and make people feel as great as they are. I’m glad you’re going to work on being better at that; I have my own struggles with it and it’s one of my resolutions too.

    As for marathons…man. That sounds so intimidating haha! I wish you the absolute best in your fitness journey, I think it’s amazing that it’s part of your goals this year. I hope you had a great holiday season!!!


    Martina Pollard


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