falling for sweaters (under $50!)

Fall is officially here, and I am soooo in the mood for some budget friendly sweaters.  I love love LOVE me some luxe cashmere, but as a new mom I’m learning that babies spit up… like a lot… a lot a lot.  :-/

Currently on a layover in Germany, I just survived my first flight with an infant (high 10 emoji!).  And I feel like I played paintball with puke pellets.  It’s in my hair, on my arm, my pants, and even my shoe.  Next time I’ll put a change of clothes in my carryon — including one (or two!) of these sweaters —

Under $50!?!!

ruffle pullover  |  yellow rib knit  |  chunky knit cardi

chunky sweater  |  criss cross sweater  |  fuzzy sweater

long way home  |  striped crew  |  cinch cuff pullover

pink cable knit  |  flounced knit  |   star knit

Happy shopping!


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