makeup bag essentials

I am no makeup artist- and I honestly hate anything that takes too long or too many products to perfect BUT, I thought I would share what is in my makeup bag and why I love it.IMG_3745.JPGI don’t use any fancy creams, or face washes- I honestly rarely wash my face (insert your squealing eww here) other than just the soap that hits my face in the shower. My skin is super sensitive and I’ve found the less I baby it- the better it behaves.

So, on that note: my makeup bag:

Buxom Luminizer 

I spread this quickly all over my face with just my fingers

Smashbox concealer

For those dark circles under my eyes, and just around my mouth to keep lipstick/glosses from getting weird smudge marks


I have two in my bag- either this Mac one or this Anastasia one. Use it under the cheekbones, jaw line, and any other place you want.

Anastasia Eyebrow pencil

Until I can get in to get my microblading done- this has been my go to.

BareMinerals Eyeshadows

These are the only ones my sensitive eyes can handle. I have them in a few different colors and love them

BareMinerals Eyeliner

Love it. Again, only one that doesn’t seem to break my eyelid out into a weird rash and swell up. My favorite is the plum color but it is hard to find…

Eyelash curler

They don’t sell mine anymore so I’m holding on to it for as long as I can. I’ve heard good things about this one though…

Diorshow Waterproof Mascara

I love this mascara- and yes, I wear waterproof everyday. It is the only way my stick straight eyelashes will hold any curl.


As for lip glosses, I love these, and this one. As for lipsticks, you can’t go wrong with these or these.

let me know if you have any questions!



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