|mostly| diy halloween costumes

A little bit about me- I love halloween – which has been passed down to my daughter because she loves it too! Here are a few DIY kid and family costume ideas from our past few halloweens to get the ideas going for your next costumes!

Little Mermaid & gang


Flounder{me} | tights | shoes | homemade tutu | yellow bodysuit {hand stitched the blue scales on} | wig | paint

Sebastion{my son} | costume

Prince Eric{good sport husband} | shirt | wig

Ariel{my daughter} | mermaid tail | long sleeve nude leotard {hand stitched purple ‘shells’ on} | wig | plastic crown {dollar store} with glued on seashells & jewels {hobby lobby}

Ursula{my mom!} | black strapless bra with tulle and body paint | wig

Tinker bell

costume | wings | shoes {old shoes we glued green glitter and a silver pouf to!

Confession- This was only a few weeks after my son was born so I recruited someone to make her costume. Last minute Etsy for the win!


ruffle blue bodysuit | tights | homemade tutu | feathers {hobby lobby}

Pirate & her Parrot

me | pirate costume | faux leather pants | red lipstick

parrot | sewed felt onto an existing costume!

Happy costume designing!

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4 thoughts on “|mostly| diy halloween costumes

  1. Where did you get your Pirate costume top? I didn’t see it on the link to Party City? Love it! I’m dressing up our baby girl as a parrot for her 1st Halloween this year, never thought to dress up too! 🙂 Thanks so much!


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