the Chloé Susanna

Yesterday I was stopped by a lovely young woman who wanted to know if the studded booties I was wearing were in fact Chloés.  She’d been lusting for a pair, but the price tag was (understandably) holding her back.  I will tell you what I told her– the shoes are AMAZING.

I purchased my first pair of Chloé Suzanna (aka Chloé Susanna) booties from The RealReal about 6 months ago now.  They’re gray with silver studs and shortly after purchasing them I took them on a month long trip to Europe.  Those booties walked all over the cobblestone streets of Prague and the vineyards and trails in southern Czech; yet still cleaned up nicely for the Opera in Vienna.  The shoes are super comfy and so well-made that after a solid month of daily trekking they show nominal wear. Pretty much the best travel shoes ever.

IMG_1056NB: I did proactively put sole protectors on my Chloés (as I do with most of my designer shoes) to extend their life. If you live near San Francisco, I strongly recommend Galletti for all your shoe protecting and/or repair needs!  

I was so impressed with the Chloés that I recently bought a second pair in black with gold studs.  And they’re equally if not more amazing, as well as super versatile.  See my recent blog on packing light for outfit ideas.

Yes, these shoes are very expensive.  That said, I did manage to find the black and gold pair on Farfetch for a few hundred less than I’d found at Barney’s or Saks (not to mention 10% off your first order, free shipping, and no tax!).

So, in sum, if you’ve been lusting for them, I definitely recommend splurging on the Chloé Susanna/Suzanna booties!  I certainly love mine and I plan to wear them forever and ever 🙂







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