Ash’s obsessions

3v3 coats

Because it is getting cold outside!

wool wrap coat – Can you believe this is H&M?!?!  I know, right?!! They’re currently sold out in my size, but I’m gonna be stalking it.

faux fur coat – H&M FTW again!! I already own a leopard faux fur, or I’d be snatching this one up.  A coat like this instantly brings to life a pair of jeans and a tee.  Love.

north face coat –  These puffer coats are perfect for travel.  They squish down to nothing, are super light weight, and don’t wrinkle.

Aj’s obsessions

Madewell Jacket. Love shearling for the winter. This jacket is the perfect throw on with jeans.

Green Midi Dress. Y’all know my love for anything drop waist- and the color emerald green- so, clearly I love this dress. Plus… it’s under $50!!

Asos Ruffle Sweater. Another cute sweater with cute detailing! Also love that the open part of the sleeve is lower on the arm versus being on the shoulder.

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