Friday the 13th

Ahhhh! It’s Friday the 13th!!!  I started to research why there’s such a freak out over the day, but after skimming through a few articles (here’s one, and another) I decided I really don’t care.  I decided I’d much rather share with you some last minute Halloween costume ideas for those of you that have procrastinated and need to order one NOW 😉

baby narwhal  |  baby unicorn  |   dragon

FYI – I would totally put a blonde wig on the toddler in the dragon outfit for a pint-sized Daenerys Targaryen


And I haven’t even seen Game of Thrones (yet).


On a recent flight, I watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens… and I was kinda disappointed.  BUT, Rey is a total badass!  I’m hoping she gets her own series.


Wonder Woman
I’ve wanted to be Wonder Woman since Linda Carter.


Gorilla Rider
Now this is PERFECT for any guy or gal that has dreamed of getting a piggy-back ride from a gorilla.  Also perfect for anyone wanting a notable costume for $40.


Halloween Suit
I really love this option for those guys that are too shy to fully dress up for a Halloween party (particularly those office parties).  And if the full suit is still too much, try pairing the pants with a black sweater, or the blazer with jeans.


Candy Shirt
And if all else fails… at least get a festive tee.  (Only $13!)







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