Links I’m loving

32 weeks pregnant and wearing nothing but black dresses or workout clothes- so, I’ll spare you my boring wardrobe and instead give you some things I’m loving that I’ve found!

1. Even when pregnant, shoes still fit. They are the only thing that makes me still feel cute hah being honest- so these flats, and these caught my eye. Who doesn’t love some sparkle?! Plus, these heels I’m coveting.

2. This sweater is cute, but simple and definitely something I could use post baby this winter. Or, maybe this one!

3. Oh swimsuits- why are you all so cute and so expensive … this one and this cute one are catching my eye. Oh ya.. this one too.

4. Gorgeous LBD. Enough said.

5. This top is amazing – and part of the Nordstrom sale! I might have to snag this one, too.

Happy shopping! Let me know if you snag anything!


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