did you miss it?!

April is here!  Did March fly past you in a blur?  Don’t fret – we’ve compiled a list of our most popular posts from March in case you missed them.

Easter Dresses. Easter is just two weeks away!  Still not sure what to wear?  Check out the Easter Dresses post for ideas!

Swimsuits.  Spring Break may be over, but swimsuit weather is just getting started.  And our March swimsuit post has 40 fantastic suits to choose from!

JL Sale.  Recently announced – the Juniper Lemons Spring Cleaning Sale!  We’re getting new inventory and need to make some room, so prices on many items have been cut Cut CUT!

Workout Motivation.  It looks like lots of you may be in the mood for some fitness.  Our workout motivation post, and even the marathon method post from last October, got loads of views in March!


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