last minute valentine’s


So Valentine’s Day snuck up on you… again… and you need a gift that doesn’t scream LAST MINUTE.  Don’t fret!  Here is the solution:

Make it a great Valentine’s Day, even last minute.

Step 1 – Go online and buy tickets for a future date to some event or show that he or she will like and that you can do together (think theatre, cooking class, sporting event, movie, concert, etc.).  Print the tickets or a flyer for the event and put in nice card.

Step 2 – Light some candles, open a bottle of wine, and cook dinner or order nice takeout;  either way serve it on real plates with silverware, no plastic or paper please!  Give your beloved the card with the tickets over dinner and start getting excited about the event!

Step 3 – Dessert will depend on your personalities.  For example, you could finish the wine while snuggling and watching a romcom… or break out the coconut oil for a sensual massage… or… you get the idea!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


ps.  This 3-step plan also works GREAT for birthdays, name days, work promotion, or any other special day.  I’ve used it a few times 😉

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