Ash’s obsessions


BP. Stripe Crewneck Tee.  A great neutral tee that can be worn on its own or layered.  I’m loving it with an over-sized blanket scarf!

Chloe Marcie Small Leather Crossbody.  I’m been obsessed with the Chloe Marcie bags for a while now.  I love the small crossbody (pictured above) for its compact size that is great for city hikes and travel adventures.  And I’m also in love with the medium satchel since it’s my perfect size for every-day use.  I haven’t splurged on either yet, but maybe someday…

Hadley sweater.  This is one of my very favorite sweaters this season.  It’s a great length, neutral color, has a hood; and in my humble opinion it’s simply perfect!  For more photos and info check out this recent post.

Aj’s obsessions


Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle. Ash and I love our teas- but waiting for water to boil just took too long for our impatient selves- and microwaving water goes against our desire to {try} and be healthy. So, she actually ordered this first and I followed along shortly after. Game changer. Takes about 2 minutes for boiling water. I’m sold!

Wayf Velvet Wrap Dress. I tried this dress on yesterday at Nordstrom- love the soft, neutral color- and who can pass up a velvet dress during the holidays!? I’ll be going back for it soon – had to give the card a break yesterday 😉

Sorel Out N’ About Leather Duck Boots.  I own some tall Sorel boots, but have been coveting these shorter ones. Here it Texas, it is rare that I can bust out my tall ones, so these seem like a cute substitution for those slushy winter days!


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