recent reads to get you moving

I got on a kick recently of any book that would get me motivated to move my butt. I was needing inspiration before starting my current marathon training- and man did I get it.

These books will get you excited about putting one foot in front of the other!

Born to Run | Christopher McDougall : Yes, that book. You’ve heard about it- well, yes, if you are a runner, or want to become a runner, it’s one of those you need to read.

Ultra Marathon Man | Dean Karnazes : This guy is ultra-inspiring. Makes you realize your body can do amazing things- it’s your mind you have to alter. After finishing this book I immediately bought his next one!

Run! | Dean Karnazes : This book chronicles his unbelievable running journeys and offers a glimpse into the mind of an ultra athlete – what pushes and motivates him.

My Life on the Run | Bart Yasso : I might fan-girl out if I ever meet this man. I once thought I saw him at the Walt Disney World Marathon and my sister can attest to my freak out. To my disappointment, it was not him. The man behind yasso 800’s – you have to read about him! He is no joke.

Eat & Run | Scott Jurek : Scott’s amazing story of his beginning to where he is now as well as how to properly fuel your body started to change my way of eating.

The Cool Impossible | Eric Orton : Eric talks about finding the joy in running again- like children do. That you can reawaken that. He discusses form, strength development, training etc It is incredible motivating and helps you to believe anything is within our reach!

Finding Ultra | Rich Roll : This is another man that I will fan-girl out when I finally get to meet him. My husband and I wanted to go to his Italy “camp” this October, but it overlapped with my marathon. This book finally got my husband on board with my plant-based eating. We are not vegan’s or vegetarian’s but we do try to eat a mostly plant based diet and definitely have seen the benefits. Rich Roll is incredibly inspiring in his story of his “dramatic transformation from out-of-shape mid-lifer to endurance machine in a matter of mere months.” He is amazing. One day, we will meet and do a run together- he just doesn’t know that yet!

happy reading!




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