halloween costume ideas

October will be here before we know it, and that means dress up time!  If you haven’t started costume brainstorming, you need to get going.  Plan early so that you can find and/or order the pieces you need for the perfect look.  Need some ideas?

Random Awesomeness.

Thor.  Yes please.
Lucy.  I always think of the chocolate wrapping episode.  hahaha…
Goonies Sloth.  Such a great movie.  Here are some good Sloth clips.
Pug.  Because pugs are my favorite and this is funny.
Black Widow.  She’s such a bad ass.
Britney Spears.  Britney made a comeback this year, so why not take it waaay back?  Just add a blonde wig and “… Baby One More Time”.
Deadpool.  And for a few more bucks this one comes with muscles.
Pokemon Pikachu.  Pokemon are virtually everywhere these days.
Marilyn Monroe.  A classic.



Suicide Squad
Deadshot.  Harley Quinn. Joker. KatanaKiller Croc.  Need help getting to know the characters?  Check out this fun little video

Old School Batman
Do you remember?!  The TV show was so great.  %$#BAM!  POW!@#  Batman and Robin, or  legit Batman and legit Robin.  And of course, Batgirl.

Beauty and the Beast

Prince Charming and Cinderella.

Snow White
Snow White. Evil Queen. Prince.

Already have a generic princess costume? (me too!)  Make it a couples costume by adding a  Frog Prince or Knight.



Batman.  Because he’s totally cool, especially the Christian Bale one. (amiright?!)
Elsa.  Yah, that’s still popular.
Garden Gnome.  Expedia? Maybe an Amelie theme?
Future Golfer.  LOL!
Thing 1 and Thing 2.  Got twins?  This is perfect.
Unicorn.  Because it’s a UNICORN!  Too cute.

Older kids and teens were left off this list because they will undoubtedly have their own ideas.

So who or what will you be this Halloween?!!

Trick or Treat ya’ll!





(Halloween 2015)



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