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I’m a superwoman in need of more happiness!  Because who doesn’t need more happiness?

Last month I attended the Professional Business Women of California Conference (PBWC) where I heard Dr. Jaime Kulaga give a talk titled The SuperWoman’s Guide to Super Fulfillment after her book of the same name.

One of the things Dr. Jaime talked about was proactively adding happiness to your life.  A tool she suggested for adding that happiness is a bucket list.  Not a bucket list with hugely grandiose items for some far off date in the future, but one that lists things that can be done NOW.

With April just kicking off, I decided to make a bucket list for the month and I challenge you to do the same!  Remember, this is not a to-do list of chores or things you’ve been meaning to get done (I had to keep reminding myself that), but a list of fun things that make you happy even just thinking about them.

April’s Bucket List

  1. Get coffee at Java Beach Café and walk along Ocean Beach. I love staring off into the ocean. It’s so relaxing.  I live just a couple miles from the water and yet I rarely go.  Where is a nearby place you love to go but haven’t been in a while?  Make it happen!

  2. See the Oscar de la Renta exhibit at the de Young museum.  If you are a Bank of America cardholder, take advantage of their Museums on Us program. The first weekend of every month you can get free admission by flashing your BofA card.  Find out what exhibits are showing at museums near you and go get some culture!
  3. Open a nice bottle of champagne just because.  I literally just put a bottle of Le Reve in the fridge so it’s at the ready. (“Get a wine fridge” is on my bigger bucket list… those things are expensive!?!)  I’m tired of waiting for a “special occasion” to come along to pop the good bottles.  Cheers to making more occasions special!
  4. Dinner with girlfriends.  Every time I meet up with some girlfriends for brunch, or shopping, or dinner, or just hanging out I feel renewed and happy. Sharing stories and laughs, or even struggles, is simply heart filling.  I can’t wait to research some new restaurants and get something on the calendar!  Make plans with friends to go somewhere new!  Yelp and Goldstar are great for finding new places and nearby things to do.  
  5. Weekend getaway with the hubs.  Road trip!  Or maybe rail trip?!  I love planning trips and traveling far away for weeks at a time, but this year due to time and money constraints it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen… On the way to work this week I heard an ad for Amtrak fares for less than $100 and thought YASSS!!  I’m super excited to start researching budget-friendly weekend trips.  Make plans to take a break and get away!


Just making the bucket list has got me all excited for how great April is going to be.  What’s on your bucket list?!



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