spring mini makeover

March is just a couple days away and with daylight saving time, spring, Easter, and St. Patrick’s Day- it is a month full of change and new beginnings.  Still working on how Patty’s Day fits into that, but point being – March is a great time for a mini (or MAX) makeover!

Schedule a haircut, do some spring cleaning on that skin, get a fresh face complexion, a warm glow, and a sweet pout.  Want some suggestions on how to do all that?  Here’s how I’m getting it done! —

Haircut:  The wob and lob (or wavy bob and long bob) are still going strong.  I’ll be going for the lob.  It’s a great length to update your look without going too drastic.  The lob is long enough to throw in a pony tail or top knot, and to camouflage those clip-in extensions for the days you’re craving length.

Skin spring cleaning:  Whether you schedule a facial or do an at-home peel, give your face a pamper and jumpstart that glow with some spring cleaning exfoliation.  I’m partial to the annual laser peel coupled with regular at-home treatments.  The 3-step Power Peel by Ole Henriksen (6 treatments for $50) is one of my all time favorites!

Fresh face:  I recently discovered the Burberry Beauty ‘Fresh Glow’ BB Cream ($44, I wear the Medium) and I love it.  Super hydrating, it’s perfect for bringing winter skin back to life.  Mix a pump of the BB cream with a pump of Burberry ‘Fresh Glow’ Luminous Fluid Base ($48) for an extra shot of radiance.  The Luminous Fluid Base comes in two colors – Nude Radiance (perfect for spring), and Golden Radiance (for that summer glow).  I, of course, have them both.

Warm glow: Last month I searched all over and tried many products in my hunt for the perfect bronzer.  I wanted something not sparkly and not orangey.  And Burberry came through for me again.  The Burberry Beauty ‘Warm Glow’ Natural Bronzer (No. 1 Warm Glow, $52) is everything I hoped for and more… except for the price.  It was hard to part with $52 for a bronzer (?!!?!), but when I say I tried many products – I really mean a $#!+ TON.  And for me, the Burberry Warm Glow Bronzer was – at that point – worth it.  And I will say that the Burberry bronzer seems to be really highly pigmented, i.e. a little goes a long way, so I’m hoping it will last and last and last.

Sweet pout:  While at the Burberry counter I also discovered the ‘First Kiss’ Fresh Gloss Lip Balm (No. 1 Soft Peach, $26).  A soft glossy balm with a hint of color and not at all sticky!  Want a bit more color?  Check out the color lineup from my lovely lips post a few weeks back.


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