Nursery Essentials

I wanted baby girl’s nursery to be girly and comforting. I have gravitated towards all things floral this time- maybe because with Hadley, my first, I didn’t want anything super girly- so this time I’m making up for it!

IMG_7408.jpgSince my mom now doesn’t live by me, I couldn’t recruit her to paint on the walls like I normally have her do- so instead, I found these amazing wall decals! Aren’t they gorgeous!? The best part is- you can take them off and move them around with no damage to the wall! There are so many different ones on Etsy!

SAMSUNG CSCI also found this handy rolling cart at Ikea. I have two in my kiddos playroom in black– but thought it would be the perfect addition to baby girl’s room for all of her diapers/wipes/soaps/burp cloths/blankets- STUFF!

Hadley really wanted to contribute to Rem’s room, so I had her do some finger paintings for the frames (from Ikea!). Then I did the bright pink painting! It is so easy! I got a white canvas from Hobby Lobby- A tube of pink and a tube of white paint- some sponges, and a cup of water. I would then use the sponge to paint on the pink and then use another sponge to squeeze water over it to make it look more like water colors. It turned out just how I wanted it to- and it was super cheap!


The super soft fuzzy rug was inexpensive and the perfect way to brighten up the room and make it cozy! Plus, always has a coupon! Also, by far our favorite blanket for miss Rem has been our Max + Moose blanket. It’s your favorite soft tshirt turned blanket! Obsessed.

Now, I have rocking chairs in my room and beckam’s room- but I knew I would want one for Rem’s room as well- not to mention, one for lots of little people to sit on with me! No way Beck & Hads were going to give me space while I was holding their sister. They need to be as close as they can to her at all times. This was the perfect addition to the space.

bedding: Ikea | pillows: Homegoods | headboard: Downeast | bedframe: Amazon | My dress: JL COMING SOON! It’s amazing! You’re going to love it.

Pickles, Donuts, Pizza & Ice Cream

IMG_5363tee | jeans | lipstick

Well, it’s time for Ashley to pass on her maternity clothes! Baby #3 for our family is coming this September- and… it’s a GIRL!

Number 3 has been completely different from my other two pregnancies. I feel like your body just gives up sooner – you show sooner, you gain weight MUCH faster, and your abs disappear almost instantly. Almost like, why fight it? This is happening!

My due date is Sept. 20, but my c-section will be about a week before.



For the next several months I’m planning on showing you some maternity looks, products I love, and my exercise routines I do to try and keep some what fit-ish! Please let me know if there is anything specific you would like me to cover over the next few months until baby girl arrives! I would love your thoughts.

Here are some of my go-to clothing items I’ve been sporting lately:

v neck tee | chambray trousers | racerback bra | maternity ankle jeans | sports bra chunky cardigan | tie top | maternity jeans | swing dress

gift guide. for the new mom.

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 9.20.25 AM.png

1. MZ Wallace Tote. This may not be a diaper bag but it has room for everything! Plus, it looks cute and can be used with our without baby

2. Solly Baby Wrap. This is the exact one that I used with my last little. It was a game changer for me. So comfortable and he loved it.

3. Helen Ficalora Necklace. These are the sweetest. I have received a new letter charm, in gold, from my husband in the hospital after each of our babies. They are a special keepsake for me that I love and wear almost daily.

4. Pj’s. Who doesn’t love some new comfy pjs!? Especially a new mom.

5. Jcrew House Shoes. New mom or not, everyone needs a pair of these. They are so comfortable.

6. Long Robe. For those late nights, and let’s be honest- just those days you don’t want to do anything but snuggle your baby- throw on this long, cozy robe and call it a day!

7. Quinny Stroller. Who says a stroller can’t be cute and functional? This one is amazing. Wish it had been around when I originally bought one!

8. Halo Sleep Sacks. These are the best. No fear of your little one getting caught up in their blanket or coming un-swaddled. I used these with both of my kids. I love them.

9. mamaRoo. I had this for my last baby and he loved it- as did I. It stayed in our living room and was the perfect place for him to catch a snooze where I could see him.

10. Bassinet. How gorgeous is this one!?

11. LWPH Crib Sheets & Quilts. I know this sweet chic and her work is amazing! I designed my son’s entire room off of one of her crib sheets I fell in love with. I dare you to not buy several things from her shop when you visit it- such fun prints and colors.