getting ready for baby

Having a baby and overwhelmed by registry checklists and recommended products?  We were.  What do we really need?  And what gets used most?  After grilling friends and family with little ones, here are some of the items we determined were key.


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Car Seat.  This is a must apparently just to get your new baby out of the hospital.  Rumor has it the hospital will hold the kiddo hostage unless you have a car seat installed and ready to go.  We went with the Uppababy Mesa because it easily clicks into the stroller base that we chose.  We originally like the gray (aka “Pascal”), but ultimately chose the black (aka “Jake”) thinking it would stay cleaner looking longer.

Stroller.  So many options in so many price ranges.  Ultimately we chose the Uppababy Vista in part on the recommendation of a friend.  Most important to us though was that the Vista comes with a bassinet in addition to a toddler seat; and the car seat, toddler seat, and bassinet all click on and off the base easily, without need for additional attachments.

Glider.  It sounds like a glider, rocking chair, or some uber comfy seat is a must for all the baby snuggling and feedings that are going to be going on.  The price range for comfy seating is huge.  We opted for the Delta ‘Emma’ Glider in Flax for its reasonable cost, relatively compact size, overall comfiness, and neutral color.

Diaper Genie.  Our polling was split on the necessity of a dedicated diaper pail, but for less than $30 we went ahead and got a diaper genie.  Better safe than smelly.

Crib.  Not an immediate need, but at some point the baby should have a legit bed.  We liked the convertible cribs that transform into toddler beds.  We picked up the Delta ‘Fancy’ Convertible Crib from Buy Buy Baby using one of their promotional 20% off coupons.  Lots of retailers (like Buy Buy Baby and Albee Baby) regularly send out “20% off single item” coupons that are perfect for larger purchases like nursery furniture.  Don’t forget to add a mattress, mattress protector, and sheets!

Dresser with Changing Top.  Multi-tasking furniture is the best.  The changing top is removable, so when no longer needed you still have a nice little dresser.  The Delta ‘Emerson’ Dresser was the right size, reasonably priced, and matched well with the crib we picked.  Don’t forget to add the changing pad and a changing pad cover.  Done.

Blankets.  Multi-purpose blankets for swaddling, receiving, and comforting.  We were told we’d need several of these.

Bassinet Stand/Hamper.  Okay, so this one isn’t a ‘must’ at all, and it is arguably over-priced for what it is… but I wanted it.  Part of the Uppababy line, it is a stand for the bassinet (that is part of the Vista stroller)… but then – when you no longer need a bassinet –  use the hamper insert for laundry!

Plush Toy.  You will need at least a couple of cute and soft stuffed animals because they’re adorable.  There are so many to choose from!  I picked ones that made me smile and were in calming colors.

Happy shopping!


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