gift guide. for the kids.

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1. Jellycat Stuffed Animals. My daughter was given this bunny from her Nana and has slept with it every night since almost birth. When my son came along and tried to steal the beloved ‘bunbun’ from her, he got his own monkey. Safe to say it hasn’t left his side since the day he got it.

2. Code a Pillar. My husband is obsessed with anything to do with coding. He thinks it is super important for our kids to at least understand it. This is such a fun new concept and way to teach kids and they won’t even know!

3. Super Hero Action Figures. I LOVE all the female super heros that are out this year! So does my daughter. She spotted these at Target from a mile away.

4. Vtech Watch. With all the adults around getting high-tech watches, of course kids are asking for the same! I don’t know about you, but mine won’t be getting any Apple watch any time soon- so, instead, get them this fun kid’s version!

5. Root Viewer. We love gardening at our house and it has made our kids love their vegetables because they get excited about planting, watching them grow, and then cooking them! This is a neat way to show them what is going on under the ground.

6. SelfieMic. A microphone and selfie stick!? Need I say more?

7. Super Hero Robes. With all the super hero buzz going around, these super hero robes are sure to be a big hit- especially at our house!

8. Go Kart. Every kid wants a go-kart at some point, and I can see why after checking out this fun one!

9. Adidias Superstars. My kids love to match me, and I like giving some ‘practical’ gifts for Christmas- so why not some cute shoes like these.

10. Peek Shirts. I am obsessed with Peek. They have the cutest kid’s clothes.

11. Xbox One. Have you met an older kid who doesn’t want an Xbox?!

12. Soccer Goals. Grab two of these and you will have endless fun in your backyard!

13. Strider Balance Bike. These are a great way to teach a kid how to ride a bike without training wheels- and they won’t even know they are learning!



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