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Let’s talk shoes. I find a shoe- and I stick with it. That is until they decide to ‘redesign’ said shoe and then we break up and I find a new love. This is a frustrating process that usually leads to lots of trips to Luke’s Locker.IMG_4438.jpgShoes are everything. They take the beating as you’re hitting the pavement. If your knee starts to hurt, or your toes are going numb the first place you should turn is to your shoes. Go to your local running store and have them help you out. Tell them what you love in a  shoe- I love a wide toe box. I want lots of space for my toes to breathe and lets be honest, swell. I also prefer a light weight more minimalist shoe. Try different brands- and for goodness sake WHO CARES WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE! They are there to serve a purpose while you work hard. You can wear the cute ones while you run your errands but get the ones that feel the best on your feet, no matter what they look like, while you are putting the miles on them.

Remember to keep up with the mileage on your shoes. You need to keep them fresh. The more mileage on the shoe, the more broken down they will be which leads to a greater chance of injury. The general rule is 500 miles for a ‘normal’ shoe and 300 for a ‘minimalist’. You will get to the point when you just know it’s time to retire them to the running errands pile instead of the running miles pile.

The more you run, the more you will learn what you love and don’t love about a shoe. I started running years ago in Nike Frees. Now, as much as I love this shoe, I found myself getting a few stress fractures in my foot as my mileage increased. Some people swear by them, I am not one of them for anything over the half marathon distance.  I switched over the the Brooks Pure Flow. Now, Brook’s Pure line is amazing and I swore by them for several years. Had the trail shoe from the Pure Line as well. I had more of the same shoe, same color, than anyone. I LOVED that shoe. I ran my first marathon in it with no issues. They then did a major overhaul on the shoe last year and we had to break up. It became too tight in the forefoot and too supportive in the arch. I spent months trying to find the perfect shoe. Lots of trips to Luke’s during this time.

I found the Nike LunarTempo and ran in it for several months- had a couple pairs of them. No issues, (still love it for shorter distances and sprints) but when it was time to get a new shoe the Nike LunarEpic had just come out- I was hesitant because of the high top sock look that they had- but then remembered WHO CARES- and you know what, I LOVE THIS SHOE. They have since come out with a low cut version, but they are not the same. The high top of the shoe allows it to be looser around the main part of your foot- which is what I love. I just slip them on- no tying and worrying about them being too tight halfway through my run. I haven’t had a blister, lost a toe nail, nothing. I’m sold.img_4436If you prefer a non-minimalist shoe – or one with a little more oomph- Ashley loves the Nike Pegasus. She swears by them as the only shoe that she has never been injured in. So does our Mom, who is a 60-ish year old marathon runner! They, personally, are just a little too heavy for my damaged ankles.

So, don’t give up on finding a shoe! It may take some trial and error but there is a running shoe out there for everyone! Let me know if you have any questions- I’ve tried many other shoes and would be happy to chat with you about them.Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 4.24.15 PM.png

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**had no intention of the purple blue color scheme- these are not the exact ones I have. As always, leave a comment with any questions!


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